Seija Musou: Salaryman, Isekai de Ikinokoru Tame ni Ayumu Michi (Dub)
Avg. Score 4.8/5
Status Completed
Eps 10
Aired Jul 07, 2023

Can a former salaryman become peerless in another world?!

A salaryman was shot to death just before earning a promotion, and a god decided to reincarnate him in another world as a fifteen-year-old healer named Luciel. On top of all that, the country he was born into seems to hate healers. Feeling that he's in danger, Luciel visits the adventurers' guild in hopes of keeping himself safe. But the training is much harder than he expected, and every day he's forced to drink a mysterious beverage called "Substance X." Wait, this life doesn't seem to have anything to do with being a healer...

The day-to-day life of a super-masochistic, back-from-the-dead healer begins, with his very survival on the line!

(Source: Crunchyroll)

Note: Each episode streams one week early in Japan on ABEMA.

Flag (Dub) 13 eps, 2015-08-27 18:32:02
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Super Fishing Grander Musashi 7 eps, 2020-10-30 21:10:01
Grander Musashi (Cantonese Audio) 25 eps, 2013-11-08 16:14:47
Fune wo Amu 11 eps, 2016-12-23 09:29:48
Saiyuuki 1 eps, 2015-01-30 07:11:49
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