Dr. Slump Movie 01: Arale-chan Hello! Fushigi Shima
Avg. Score 4.8/5
Status Completed
Eps 1
Aired Jul 18, 1981

Dr.Slump loves Ms.Yamabuki. But he cannot confess it to her. One day they find a videotape of Dr.Slump’s father. It is about how to make a medicine. If one takes it, he or she comes to love Dr.Slump. (What a great father!!) It says that the nose dirt of Dr.Slump and the tears of King Gyasuka is required for making such medicine. (What disgusting! Does it really work?) Anyway, inventing a vehicle named PingPong, Dr. Slump go forward to Under Island where Great Evil King Gyasuka is said to dwell. Dr.Slump is such a unreliable man as to mistake dryer to light gun. But with powerful Arale and Gaccahn with him, there won’t be anything to be afraid of. Well, will his wish come true!?