Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Part 2

Despite having accomplished a lifelong dream of hers, Ann Halford faces further challenges ahead. Bridget Paige, the daughter of the Paige Workshop's owner, still possesses the wing of Shall Fen Shall, Ann's former fairy companion. In determination to save Shall from the obsessive Bridget, Ann decides to join the Paige Workshop, hoping at the same time to perhaps reunite with her close friend.   Having been appointed head of the workshop, Ann becomes entrusted with rebuilding it to its former glory. She quickly discovers that the Paige Workshop has a unique focus on tradition and individuality, and recognizes that she will need to learn about her team and completely revamp the workshop in order to succeed. Motivated by her strong desire to rescue Shall and her obligations as a sugar artisan, Ann wholeheartedly dedicates herself to her new position.

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